Based in South Shields we are a group of like minded people who enjoy running our Allotments, we have a shop on site and we are near the Jack Clark Park.  We intend to develop this page as a source of information and newsletter for the association and general public.

Warning! Do not leave power tools or expensive items in your sheds, thieves target them at least 3 done in March 2017

Allotment Association Meetings

We have an Annual General Meeting every year now to be held in April of each year.  Other allotment meetings are arranged during the year.

Northfield Allotment Association

Privacy Notice

On May 25th the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) comes into force.  It is a Europe-wide regulation.  One specific requirement is that members of all organisations need to be made aware of the information held about them, the uses to which that data is put and need to contract in to that GDPR requirement.

Northfield  Allotment Association holds the following data about each of its members:-

This data is physically and electronically securely stored by The Secretary (Fred Perry) and available only to him.

  1. Each member is entitled to see his or her own entry.
  2. The Association itself uses this information to record Association subscriptions and to contact you in case of emergency.
  3. Your data will not be passed on to any other third party.
  4. The data will be deleted as and when you leave the Association.

This Privacy Notice is on Northfield Association  website, Facebook page and in the Association Shop.

Northfield Allotment Association May 23rd 2018


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